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Hainan Overview

Hainan, “Qiong” for short, located on the Southernmost tip of China, is the country’s second largest island after Taiwan. It has a beautiful tropical beach and splendid history and  culture, and is a famous tourist destination and vacation paradise.

Hainan Island has a typical tropical monsoon climate with moderate summers and winters. The annual temperature range is small and the annual average temperature is high. Rains and typhoons are frequent in summer and autumn.

The province ainan has a long history and has been a part of China since the Qin Dynasty. It also has a unique exile culture. From the Tang and Song dynasties, many celebrities and literati were exiled here, leaving the Temple of Five Lords, the Dongpo Academy and other historical sites.

The Li people were the earliest inhabitants of Hainan Island. They created a unique  style of Li culture. Their dance, costumes and villages are full of rich tropical flavor.

Administrative Divisions

Hainan Province comprises 3 prefecture-level cities, including Haikou, Sanya, and Sansha. There are 6 county-level cities, 4 counties, and 6 autonomous counties directly under the jurisdiction of Hainan Province.

East Hainan Route

Wenchang - Dongjiao Coconut Forest

Dongjiao Coconut Forest is a vast expanse of lush forest stretching across the island like a green ribbon. The Prima Resort, covering over 70 acres in the heart of the forest, is a good place to experience coconut trees and the rhythmic sounds of the ocean’s waves.

Wenchang - Copper Drum Ridge

Copper Drum Ridge, connecting the inland to the West and to the South China Sea, lies on the easternmost corner of Hainan. Its gorgeous mountains, rare stones, touching legends, spectacular mountains and ocean scenery have earned it the reputation of “the First Peak in East Hainan”.

Qionghai - Wanquan River

The Wanquan River is separated into a rafting area and a canyoning area. Rafting from Yanyuan to Huishan Township through Hainan’s spectacular beaches is breathtaking and exciting, representing the best tropical rafting in China. The tropical rainforest’s canyon areas provide fantastic scenery and many opportunities for adventure sports.

Wanning - Xinglong Hot Spring Resort

The Wanning Xinglong Hot Spring Resort has beautiful scenery and a rich hometown atmosphere of overseas Chinese. There are more than a dozen springs here, with the water temperature staying at about 60 degrees centigrade all year round. The water is rich in minerals, and its steam has a faint fragrance.

Wanning - Dazhou Island

Dazhou Island is the only natural giant swiftlet habitat in China. The island’s cliff caves are complicated and confusing, and the famous bird’s nests are created here. The island has overlapping ridges and peaks and vertical cliffs like a marine wonderland.

Lingshui - Fenjiezhou Island

Fenjiezhou Island’s romantic underwater wedding attracts many couples. The island also has dolphins, whales, sharks and other marine animals, as well as offshore drag parachuting, jet skiing, semi-submarine sightseeing and other activities.

Middle Hainan Route

Wuzhishan City - Wuzhi Mountain

Wuzhi Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan and one of China’s famous mountains. Seen from afar, it has verdant trees, white clouds, and green peaks. When you climb on(onto) to the mountaintop, the clouds rise from under your feet, giving you the feeling that you are traveling through space.

Wuzhishan City - Limu Mountain

Limu Mountain has steep peaks and vast woodlands. As a famous mountain in Hainan and the ancestor mountain of the Li people, it has many waterfalls, which are everywhere, magnificent and extremely fascinating.

Baoting - Yanoda Tropical Rainforest

The Yanoda Tropical Rainforest has a first-rate environment. In the depths of the rainforest, plant roads, stone steps, suspension bridges and iron chains are built along the mountain, making the rainforest tranquil, mysterious, and magnificent.

Hainan West Route

Chengmai - Fushan Coffee Culture Hall

Fushan Coffee Culture Hall shows the epochal elegance of Fushan coffee, where you can learn about the history of coffee cultivation and development as well as the world’s rich and abundant coffee cultures.

Danzhou - Dongpo College

In order to commemorate Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, Dongpo Academy was built in rich scholarly style. Accompanied by his youngest son Su Guo, Su Dongpo lived in exile in Hainan for three years.

Ledong - Jianfeng Ridge

The Jianfeng Ridge is China’s largest and best-preserved tropical primitive forest area. In the East of the Black Ridge of the Jianfeng Ridge, there is a basin surrounded by mountains. Shrouded in mist and clouds, it is known as “Heaven Lake”.


Haikou, located on the tropical coast, is a beautiful coastal city and a famous cultural city with a history of nearly 1,000 years. Many important cultural relics and historical sites are preserved here.

The Temple of Five Lords

The Temple of Five Lords was built to commemorate five famous officials (Li Deyu, Li Gang, Li Guang, Zhao Ding and Hu Quan) who were banished to Hainan during the Tang and Song dynasties. The Temple of Five Lords, with a history of nearly 1,000 years, is exalted as “the first scenic spot in Hainan”.

Qionghai Academy

According to legend, Qiongtai Academy was built to commemorate Qiu Jun, the most gifted scholar in Hainan and the grand secretary of the Ming Dynasty. It was once the highest institution of higher learning in Qiongzhou. The academy has a long history and a strong cultural atmosphere.

Tomb of Hai Rui

The Ming Dynasty Tomb of Hai Rui is dignified, simple and unsophisticated. At the main entrance, there is a towering stone arch. Stone human statues, stone rams, stone tortoises and other stone carvings stand on both sides of the road. There are also three stone arches in the center. It is a famous scenic spot for people to pay tribute to ancient sages.

Mangrove in Dongzhai Port

The Mangrove in Dongzhai Port, also known as the “Sea Forest Park”, is China’s largest mangrove forest conservation area. Traveling in a winding “corridor” on a boat, one seems to enter a fairyland through forests, sunshine, seawater, beaches and ancient underwater villages.

West Coast Linear Park

At West Coast Linear Park one can appreciate blue skies and seas as well as the wide Coconut Forest Avenue. It is a Gold Coast with beautiful scenery. At night, the reflections of lights on nearby fishing boats and twinkling stars in the sky complement each other, creating a wonderful atmosphere.

Rock Hill Volcanic Cluster

The Rock Hill Volcanic Cluster has various kinds of volcanoes, rich lava landscapes, and amazing lava tunnels, forming a rare volcanic wonder as well as unique tropical volcanic ecology and culture.


Sanya, located at the southern tip of Hainan Island, is China’s southernmost tropical seaside tourist city. Sanya is nicknamed “Deer City” and known as the “Oriental Hawaii”. The most beautiful coastal scenery on Hainan Island can be found here, making it an excellent tourist destination.

Tianya Haijiao

Tianya Haijiao borders the southernmost part of the South China Sea. There are coconut trees, rare stone forests, blue seas, green mountains, and white sand. The famous “Southern Heaven Rock” is located in this area.

Deer Turning Head Park

Deer Turning Head Park is surrounded by the sea on three sides and has a “love culture” theme. The Deer Turning Head Sculpture, the symbol of Sanya symbolizes the touching sweetness of love, and gives Sanya the nickname “Deer City”.

Nanshan Cultural Tourism Zone

Nanshan has always been known as the land of good fortune and blessings, and has a bond with Buddhism. According to legend, Guanyin lives in the South China Sea. The Guanyin of the South Sea of Sanya is solemn and kind. As a place for many Buddhist believers to pay homage, i has become a symbol of Nanshan.


Dadonghui faces the sea, surrounded on three sides by mountains. The bench is encircled by rows or green coconut trees. The unique beauty of the azure sky, blue sea, verdant mountains , green coconut trees, and while benches has won the praise of domestic and overseas tourists.

Sanya Bay

The charming flat Sanya Bay is the largest bay in Sanya. Green trees grow like a ribbon on the long and fine  bay.  The  open sea and azure sky set off a boundless  stretch of clear water with a myriad of scenes.

Phoenix Island

Sanya Phoenix Island is an artificial island surrounded by the sea, and its shores boast exceptional scenic mountains. It is ideal for, recreation, water sports and all-season tours.

Wuzhizhou Island

Wuzhizhou Island is hailed as “China’s Maldives” with crystal clear seawater. It is a famous scenic spot for diving. Island tourism resort hotels on the island can be divided into European buildings, bamboo buildings and wooden buildings, which are well-arranged and unique.

Yalong Bay

Yalong Bay is honored as the “Oriental Hawaii” . Its long coastlines, green waters, blue skies, flat beache , surrounding green mountains, and dancing coconut trees make up picturesque landscape.


Bo’ao Town is located on the eastern coast of Qionghai City and near the mouth of the Wanquan River. This small fishing and agriculture town enjoys beautiful, romantic, and tropical seaside scenery, and is permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, an international conference organization.

Jade Belt Beach

The Jade Belt Beach is a natural beach peninsula, where mountains alternate with the sea while the inside contrasts with the outside, constituting a spectacular coast which resembles Australia’s Gold Coast. It is unique in Asia.

Permanent Site of the Bo'ao Forum for Asia

The permanent site of the Bo’ao Forum for Asia is close to mountains and the sea. In this scenic area, there arc grand modern buildings, intelligent conference facilities, a golf course where one can exercise or rest, and charming scenery of rivers running into the sea.

Oriental Culture Garden

Asia’s only seascape can be found at Bo’ao. Bo’ao Oriental Culture Garden is a mirage you can touch, a symbol of humanist culture, and the best scenic spot to learn about Hainan’s culture.

Recommended Tourist Itineraries

A Tour of Sanya Seaside

Route : Wuzhizhou Island — Yalong Bay — Deer Turning Head Park — Tianyahaijiao — Ancient Yazhou Town 

Sight: This route covers the most beautiful scenery in Sanya. With white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, blue skies and golden sunshine, it is like a jade pool on Earth. Its tropical environment makes Sanya a heavenly resort.

A Tour of Haikou City

Route: Temple of Five Lords — Qiongtai Academy — Old Arcaded Street — Tomb of Hai Rui

Sight: Haikou is not only a beautiful coastal city, but also a famous historical and cultural city. Throughout history, many scholars and famous officials were exiled here, leaving behind a rather legendary “exile culture”.

A Tour of Islands and Famous Mountains

Route: Limu Mountain — Wuzhi Mountain — Baihua Ridge — Jianfeng Ridge 

Sight: Wuzhi Mountain is the highest mountain in Hainan with green forests, white clouds, and what is known in Chinese as an immortal mountain atmosphere. Limu Mountain is a sacred site for the Li people. This region contains spectacular mountain scenery as well as mysterious tropical rainforests, an ideal place for adventurous travel tours.

Tourist Information


Hainan cuisine features four famous dishes and a variety of fresh seafood. Among them, Ching Bo Leung, Qiongshan tofu, Lingshan rice noodles, oxtail pot, Qiongzhong pheasant, Baoluo rice noodles, Hainan breakfast noodles, Lingshui sour noodles, and Jinshan sliced dried beef are the most famous.

Wenchang Chicken

Wenchang Chicken is the first of four famous dishes in Hainan. According to legend, during the Ming Dynasty, an official from Wenchang returned to the capital with some local chickens for the Emperor. After enjoying a delicious meal, the emperor praised the chicken and Wenchang Chicken has thus been famous ever since.

Jiaji Duck

Jiaji duck was said to e introduced by overseas Chinese from Malaysia 300 years ago. With a big belly and thick fat, the duck is particularly tasty.

Hele Crab

Hele crab is one the four famous dishes in Hainan. The crab’ s roe is golden and glossy, just like salted duck yolk. It is quite delicious and nutrient-rich.

Dongshan Lamb

Dongshan lamb is also one of the four famous  dishes  in Hainan, and is  fat but not greasy. The thick, creamy, white and fragrant soup has nourishing beauty and anti-heat effects.


Special products in Hainan include coconuts, coffee,  cashew nuts,  tropical preserved fruits, seafood, and handcrafts of the Li and Miao people. Of course, thanks to special economic policies, duty-free shops in Sanya are also worth visiting.

Yellow Lantern Chili Sauce

Yellow lantern chili sauce is a special local product in Hainan. Generally, people visiting Hainan will take back some yellow lantern chili sauce. The unique sauce is fresh, spicy, and delicious without being excessively hot. It is spicy but not suffocating. It is also rich in various trace elements and amino acids.

Brocade of Li People

The exquisite and colorful Li brocade is full of flamboyance and romance with beautiful designs and patterns, including vivid birds and beasts, flowers and plants, and figures. It is a wonder of Chinese textile art.

Tube Skirt

The tube skirt is the Li women’s favorite item of clothing, and provides a strong ethnic style. There are two kinds of tube skirts: a long tube skirt and a short tube skirt,  and they come in two base colors: black and blue. They are colorful and charming.


By Air

Haikou Meilan International Airport and Sanya Phoenix International Airport are the two most important airports in Hainan.

The former is a domestic main line airport with flights to all major Chinese cities. The letter has opened 168 routes, including 130 domestic routes, 35 international routes and 3 regional routes.

By Train

Hainan’s major railways include Hainan Western Ring Railway and Hainan Eastern Ring High-Speed Railway.

Hainan Eastern Ring High-Speed Railway has Haikou Station, East Haikou Station, Meilan Station, Wenchang Station, Qionghai Station, Bo’ao Station, Wanning Station, Lingshui Station, Yalong Bay Station and Sanya Station.

The Hainan Western Ring Railway has six trains to Xi’an, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Changsha, Harbin and other major mainland cities. 

By Road

The traffic mileage totals over 17,000 kilometers. Constructed with a “three vertical and four horizontal” framework, it has roads and highways to ports, cities, and counties, extending to 318 towns and tourist attractions on the is land . An expressway covering the island ‘s perimeter has also been opened to traffic.

Water Transportation

Haikou Port Passenger Terminal currently functions as the passenger transport hub for four maritime routes from Haikou to Hai’an, Guangzhou, Beihai, and Hong Kong.