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The festival starts from the 24th day of the sixth lunar month and lasts three days and nights.


Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province


Called “Duzai” in the Yi language of Liangshan, the Torch Festival is the most important traditional holiday for the Yi people, featuring the richest contents, the most magnificent scenes, the most participants and the strongest ethnic flavor. There are many legends on the origin of the festival. One story goes that the remote antiquity, the Yi people held torches to eliminate pests and defeat heavenly gods; and another legend notes that the Yi people held high torches to commemorate brave women who resisted against being grabbed away for forced marriage. Every story is interesting and moving. In a word, the Yi people regard fire as the embodiment of gods, the source of a prosperous family and the symbol of holiness and happiness.

What's On

The large square joint performances at the opening ceremony, the Torch Carnival Night, the ceremony for offering sacrifices to ancestors, various kinds of sports matches, folk sports activities, the bonfire evening party of a campfire, the Liangshan Delicacy Festival, ect.

Main Tourist Attractions

Ancient City of Xichang, Lushan Mountain, Xixi Immortal Cave, Luobin Mountain, ect.


It is very convenient for tourists to fly to Xichang or Chengdu, and then change a train to Liangshan.