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Luoyang Peony Festival


From April to May every year


Luoyang City, Henan Province


The Chinese people love peony very much and regard it as the national flower. Peony is of “ravish­ing beauty and heavenly fragrance,” ranking first in all kinds of flowers. Since the Tang Dynasty, Luoyang has been known as the land of peony, en­joying the reputation of having the country’s most beautiful peonies. Cul­tivating and appreciating peonies have become the local customs, and peony is designated as the city flower of Luoyang. Now Luoyang grows over 500,000 peonies, which fall into over 350 species. “Yaohuang” and “Weizi” peonies are named as the “king” and “queen” of peonies. Starting from 1983, Luoyang holds the grand peony festival between April and May every year.

What's On

During the peony festival, Luoyang holds a wide variety of activities, such as a large-scale the ­atrical performance, peony fairs, lantern fairs, the exhibitions of calligraphy, paintings and photos, symposiums and trade talks. Tourists can appreciate beautiful peonies at the Wangcheng Park and the Botanical Garden while tasting delicious food at the Peony Banquet, as well as various local snacks.

Main Tourist Attractions

Longmen Grottoes which has been included in the world cultural heritage list, White Horse Temple, Cemetery of Guan Yu, Museum of Ancient Tombs, etc.


Tourists can go to Luoyang by air or train.