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Mid July every year


All the places in the In­ner Mongolia Autonomous Region


In the Mongo­lian language, “Nadam” means “recreation” or “game.” As a mass assembly, the Nadam Fair originated from the activity of offer­ing sacrifices to Aobao (stone or earth laid out as a road marker or boundary sign by Mongolians, for­merly also wor­shipped as habita­tion of spirits), and later developed into a grand recreation and trade fair once a year. Now the Nadam Fair is held at the banner and sumu levels at the summer-autumn interregnum, last­ing about I0 days.

What's On

During the Nadam Fair, various kinds of activities are held, such as horserace, wrestling and arrow shooting competitions, Zhama Banquet (a palace banquet of the Yuan Dynasty, at which a whole cattle or sheep is served), the Ordos wedding ceremony, the sacrificial ceremony in front of the Mau­soleum of Genghis Khan, the hot spring forest, a tour of the Mongolian customs, economic, trade and materials exchanges, and so on.

Main Tourist

Attractions: Tomb of Wang Zhaojun, Five-pagoda Temple, Dazhao Lamasery, Xilitucho, Xilamuren Grassland or Gegentala Grassland.


Tourists can go to Hohhot by air or train and then take a bus to a special Nadam Fair.