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Shanghai Tourism Festival


The second Saturday in September every year


Huaihai Road, Shanghai


In recent years, the economy and society of Shanghai have developed rapidly, and now the me­tropolis appears in front of the world with a completely new look. The Nanpu Bridge, Yangpu Bridge, mag­netically levitated trains, the overhead inner ring road, the south and north overhead roads, the picturesque Bund, and the vigorous New Pudong Devel­opment Zone attract numerous Chinese and foreign visitors every day. To bet­ter display Shanghai’s new features to the world, Shanghai sponsors the Shanghai Tourism Festival every year to allure both domestic and foreign tourists in autumn, letting them feel the strong Oriental culture and enjoy the prosperous atmosphere of Shanghai.

What's On

During the festival, Shanghai organizes a series of activities, such as the floats parade, a square concert, the display of international music fireworks, the German Beer Festival, the Rose Wedding, para­chute-jumping performances (known as “ballet dances” in the air), ex­changes between Chinese and foreign tea cultures, international tourism symposiums, and the showcase of the culture and art of A Dream of Red Mansions (a classical novel).  In addition, Shanghai also promotes a series of tourism projects, such as being a Shanghai citizen for one day, looking for the roots in Shanghai, and  taking a boat tour on the Huangpu River at night. Shanghai is also a shopping and delicacy world.

Main Tourist Attactions

Yuyuan Garden, Jade -Buddha Temple, Shang­hai Museum, Grand View Garden, Town God Temple, Zhouzhuang, Sun Island, the Huangpu River, the Bund, Pudong Development Zone, etc.


Shanghai has the Pudong and Hongqiao airports. It is very convenient for tourists to go to Shanghai by air.