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From the late sixth month to the early eighth month by the Tibetan calendar (about August every year)


Lhasa in the Tibet Au­tonomous Region


In the Tibetan language , shoton means “yoghurt.” The Shoton Festival initiated before the 17th century. According to Buddhist doctrines, monks are confined in the monasteries for several dozens of days until summer is over. On the day when the confinement is ended, monks are entertained with yoghurt by ordinary folks. As time went by, this religious activity gradually has become a folk festival. After  the  17th century, the Shoton Festival is also called the “Tibetan Opera Festival.”

What's On

A variety of activities are held during the festival, such as displaying the images of Buddha, putting on Tibetan Opera, drinking qingke (highland barley) wine and buttered tea, taking yoghurt, appreciating  the Buddhist images on display , and watching theatrical performances.

Main Tourist Attractions

Potala Palace, Jokhang Nlonastery, Norbu Lingka, Drepung Monastery, Bharkor Street, etc.


Tourists can go to Lhasa by plane.