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The third day of the third lunar month, which generally falls on the first 10-day period of April.


Qiongzhong, Dongfang, Changjiang, Ledong, Baisha County and Wuzhishan CIty in Hainan Province


Legend has it that in the remote antiquity,  the Li people live by the Changhua River on Hainan Island. One year there came a serious flood, causing all the Li people death, leaving only a young girl and her elder brother. The boy was called Tianfei, and the girl, Guanyin. On the third day of the third lunar month, the girl made herself up and was married to her elder brother. As time went by, more and more Li people were born and grew up. To commemorate the brother and sister, the Li people hold the sacrificial activity on the third day of the third lunar month every year. Now it is a traditional festival for the Li yuong people to pursue for love and happiness.

What's On

A the festival, the Li people from different villages gather at an open area to attend various activities, such as gun and arrow shooting competitions, singing in antiphonal style, and performing the bamboo dance. It is a special day for young men and women to go deep into the mountains in pairs, known as the “mountain love”.

Main Tourist Attractions

Wuzhi Mountain Scenic Area, Wanquan River, Five Lords Shrine, End of the Earth and Corner of the Ocean, Yalong Bay, Qionghai Guantang Hot Spring Resort, etc.


Tourists may fly to Haikou or Sanya, and then get on a bus to go to Wenchang or Wuzhishan.