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April 20 every year


Weifang City, Shandong Province


Known as the land of kites in China, Weifang has a time-honored history of pro­ducing kites. Kites made in Weifang, Beijing and Tianjin are equally fa­mous in China and more superior among many styles. Weifang kites display strong rural features and a local flavor, showing excellent handicraft and beautiful paintings. In 1984, Weifang sponsored the first International Kite Festival. After that, the festival is held once a year, gathering numerous guests from all over the world. Kite lovers in the world name Weifang the “Kite Capital of the World”, and the head office of the International Kite Federation is located in the Weifang World Kite Museum.

What's On

The opening ceremony, demonstration of kites, the international kites competition, the domestic kites competition, the selection of  10 best kites through public appraisal, a visit to the museum of kites,  the show of Yangjiabu folk arts, doing shopping and taking a folk customs tour during which tourists will live, eat and have a good time together with farmers.

Main Tourist Attractions

Shihu Garden, Buddhist statues in the grottoes in Camel Mountain, fossils of ancient extinct life in Shanwang, Weifang World Kite Museum, etc.


Tourists may fly to Weifang directly, or go to Jinan first, and then go to Weifang by car. It takes only two hours to drive from Jinan to Weifang.