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China Ice and Snow Tourism – Liaoning

China Ice and Snow Tourism - Liaoning

Liaoning boasts 38 ski resorts of various sizes, 25 of which are professional ones with beginner, intermediate, and advanced slopes and 7 are provincial or higher-level resorts. In addition, ice and snow parks for recreational purposes can be found all over the province.

Liaoning has a long snowy winter with abundant snowfall. The snow cover there is soft and thick. While the whole province is often wrapped in silvery white during the winter, the weather is seldom piercingly cold, which makes it very suitable for outdoor ice and snow sports. And you may also enrich your experience with an outdoor hot spring.

The morning snow at the Shenyang Imperial Palace, the snowy scenery at Anshan Qianshan Mountain, the rime in Benxi Water Cave, the rime in Hushan Great Wall of Dandong; Northeast Asia Ski Center, Tianqiaogou Ski Resort, Huangjiagou Ski Resort, and Gongchangling Ski Area are among the various destinations where you can have great fun.

Anshan Tanggangzi Hot Spring, Benxi Huaximu Hot Spring, Yingkou Tianmu Hot Spring, Jinzhou Oriental Huadi City Wetland Hot Spring Tourist Resort, and Fuxin Baodi Hot Spring are popular choices for a warm, foggy, and relaxing soak. Watching snowflakes dancing and falling while feeling the soothing hot spring is an enjoyment unique to the winter Liaoning.

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