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“Fairy Tales in Winter” Inner Mongolia Winter Tourism Video Exhibition


The Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region is located in northern China. There, the winter is long and pure. When it snows, gigantic snowflakes dance in the air, creating a spectacular and magnificent vista. Traditional celebrations such as the Winter Nadam Fair, Winter Hunting Festival, Sacred Torch Cultural Festival, and Ice & Camel Festival kindle the joyful atmosphere on the snow-capped grasslands.

“Natural Ice and Snow, Charming Inner Mongolia” Photo Exhibition

Snowy Land of Ultimate Charm

Driving all the way into the depth of the Greater Khingan Mountains and traversing along the boundary between the mountains and the grasslands, you can have a glance at the ultimate beauty of the snowy land at 50 degrees North Latitude. You can also venture into the dense forests to visit the Reindeer Ewenkis from the Aoluguya tribe, or experience the orthodox lives of forest dwellers in Lengji Village, dubbed “China’s coldest place”, in Genhe. 

The boundless snowy grasslands and forests, iced rivers and mountains, steamy hot springs, as well as various cultural sights… All of these compose a fairyland of ice and snow with ultimate appeal.

The Warm Side of Coldness

The heavier the snow, the more joyful the songs.

In Inner Mongolia, you can enjoy skiing down the 1,000-meter-long slope at the Kunlun International Ski Resort or take an adventure on the desert ski ground. You can also enjoy a winter cross-country trip to Yulong Sand Lake in Chifeng, attend the Ice & Camel Festival on Darihanwula Sumu Grassland, and catch fish in Dali Lake to enjoy the bounty of nature. On the snowy grasslands of Inner Mongolia, you can celebrate the winter alongside local people with songs and laughter.

A Bite of Inner Mongolia

The vast land with a culture of multi-ethnic integration has endowed Inner Mongolian cuisine with a unique soul. Inner Mongolia is a food paradise rarely seen due to its ecological greenness, purity, naturalness and richness in agricultural and livestock products. Tourists from across the world can feast on the local specialties including roasted sheep, instant-boiled mutton, steamed mutton dumplings, hand served mutton, traditional milk tea and various dairy products with Mongolian characteristics.

“Fairy Tales in Winter” Inner Mongolia Winter Tourism Video Exhibition

The boundless grassland, echoing with loud and clear singing, attracts people from all over the world; the magnificent border region, covered with white snow, represents a glorious era. In the winter of Inner Mongolia, the boundless grasslands, criss-crossing rivers, vast deserts and dense forests are all covered with snow, forming a stunning picture with a wide scale and large vision. Inner Mongolia has a long history and profound culture. Every winter, special festival activities are held throughout Inner Mongolia, bringing you a colorful tour of ice and snow folklore. The colder it is, the further you should go north. The colder it is, the more hospitable the local residents are. If you want to make this winter full of fun, and if you want to have an unforgettable memory, please come to Inner Mongolia for a fairytale ice and snow trip.


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