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Shandong province border the sea, so Shandong Cuisine (Lu Cuisine) deeply influenced by the sea food. People in Shandong like to use seasoning and flavoring to make cuisine more delicious. As one of the eight major cuisines of China, it plays an important role in Chinese cuisines. The Shandong cuisine is made of eastern Shandong dishes, Confucius dishes and Jinan dishes.

For Shandong locates in fertile plains, it’s a main wheat-growing area in China. People in Shandong even like to eat foods made of wheat flour as staple food. It’s common to see that Shandong people eat big cakes stuffed with scallions or minced meat when they eat three meals a day.

The cuisine is generally salty, with a prevalence of light-color sauces. The dishes feature selected materials, adept skill in slicing and perfect cooking techniques. Shandong cuisine is representative of northern China’s cooking and its techniques have been widely absorbed by the imperial dishes of Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Notable Shandong Dishes: Sweet and Sour Carp, Braised Sea Cucumber with Scallion, Braised Intestines in Brown Sauce, Braised Prawns in Oil, Steamed Stuffed Tofu, Dezhou Braised Chicken, Caramel Sweet Potato, Omelet Chicken Slices, Four Joy Meatballs…