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China Ice and Snow Tourism – Tianjin

China Ice and Snow Tourism - Tianjin

What are your impressions of Tianjin, the buildings of mixed Western and Chinese styles and elements, the Goubuli steamed stuffed buns with endless aftertaste, or the intangible cultural heritages that are passed from generation to generation such as the Yangliuqing New Year Paintings and the Clay Figurine Zhang (or Niren Zhang) Painted Sculptures? This program will take you to visit the famous winter entertainment spots in Tianjin and experience Tianjin’s unique winter charm.

Jizhou International Ski Resort

New Binhai - Ice Skating

Really ice  really snow really Antarctica.

The eight ice surface projects bring you a fun ice skating experience.

It is here to test the skating technology.

Take a baby strolling on the ice leisurely.

Experience a “speed and passion” alone.

The whole family cooperates with driving skating tools.

A variety of gameplay helps you enjoy the winter happiness!

New Binhai - Ski Resort

6000 square meters of oversized venue.

More than 10 kinds of ice and snow projects.

Colored snow road, exclusive custom skiing.

Play in the snow ladder and experience dreamy joy.

Rent a snow car to experience the interesting interaction of parent-children.

There are also snow -seeking treasures that test luck and  multiple snowy projects.

Whether it is a fast glide, the speed of feeling is super fast.

Still satisfy the family’s desire to go into battle and happy together.

Snowfield to help you achieve it!

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