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Anlan Culture along the Yellow River


Hainan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture (Longyang Gorge)-Lanzhou ( Caijia Gorge, Bapan Gorge, Yellow River Iron Bridge)-Linxia Hui Autonomous Prefecture (Liujia Gorge, Yanguo Gorge)-Dingxi ( Lijia Gorge)-Wuzhong (Bronze Gorge)-Bayannaoer, Inner Mongolia ( Shanshenggong Hydraulic System, Hetao Irrigation Area, Wuliangsu Lake)-Xianyang (Zhengguo Canal)-Yuncheng (Yellow River Iron Ox)-Xinzhou (Wanjia Village)-Sanmenxia (Sanmen Gorge)-Luoyang (Xiaolangdi Hydraulic System)-Zhengzhou ( Mid-part of the South-North Water Diversion Project)

Anlan Culture Along the Yellow River

It was in Anlan that the man-managed use of the waters from the Yellow River kicked off in the recorded history. Hydraulic projects’ development in the area have been intertwined with the ongoing destiny of the Chinese nation. Throughout thousands of years, anti-flood and irrigation projects along the River have been bearing unique culture and playing essential roles, both historical and pragmatic. Those reservoirs, dams, ditches, canals and power stations vividly showcase the juggling and balancing of manpower and nature, indicating the Chinese evolving wisdom and philosophy. Some of the modern marvels including the Longyang Gorge, Sanmen Gorge, and the Xiaolangdi Hydraulic Project astonish the eyes with their magnificent views “Dams locking the Yellow River; High Gorge rising out of tranquil lakes”.

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