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Mogao Grottoes(aka Mogao Caves), Dunhuang—Tianti Grottoes, Wuwei—Maijishan Grottoes, Tianshui—Xumishan Grottoes, Guyuan—A’erzhai Grottes, Ordos—Yugang Grottoes, Datong—Tianlongshan Grottoes, Taiyuan—Gongxian Grottoes, Gongyi—Longmen Grottoes,  Luoyang


The biggest name of China’s grottoes is the globally renowned Mogao Grottoes, with a history spanning over 1,000 years. Famous for statues and wall paintings, this UNESCO listed world heritage site has been keeping the world’s visitors amazed by its outstanding universal value.

Less famous, yet equally aesthetically and culturally significant are the grottos highlighted along the Yellow River. A journey along this route is tailored to those historic buffs, cultural fans, museumgoers and adventure seekers.

To make it more diversified and interesting, these historic crossings and astonishing landmarks, have given birth to unique ethnical rituals and practices, and mouth-watering gourmets, which would give each and every visitor a wonderfully inclusive experience.

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