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Route: Tibetan Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area(Yushu, Qinghai); Gesar CultureEcological Protection Experimental Area(Guoluo, Qinghai) ; Regong Culture Ecological Protection Area(Huangnan, Qinghai) ; Qiang CultureEcological Protection Area(Sichuan Aba Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture) ; Shaan Bei Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area(Yan’an, Yulin, Shaanxi); Jinzhong Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area(Taiyuan, Luliang, Shanxi); Rap Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area(Henan Baofeng) ; Heluo Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area(Luoyang, Henan) ; Qilu Culture Ecological Reserve(Weifang, Shandong)

Intangible Culture

Numerous intangible culture heritages along the Yellow River have been created out of people’s wisdom and diligence. Thanks to proper inheritance and conservation, amazing craftsmanship and folk culture consist highlights of an authentic travel experience to those regions, such as the King Gesar-a Tibetan epic poem performed in storytelling and singing, the Tao inkstone, the Xun (an egg-shaped, holed wind instrument), the Tang San Cai (tri-colored glazed pottery of the Tang Dynasty), the Woodcut Printed New Year Picture of Zhuxian County, the Jun Porcelain, the Yu Opera, and the kites. The nine National Cultural Ecology Protection areas along the Yellow River have well been kept the Chinese national memories and cultures throughout history.

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