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About China Tourism Day

The 19th of May has been China Tourism Day set by its State Council since 2011. To celebrate it, the tourism and hospitality businesses around China would exempt their tickets or provide sale price benefits to visitors, and host a variety of activities and treatments. Meanwhile, it’s a day to improve the awareness of the public in travel safety, responsible travel, environmental-friendly travel and other good travel manners.

A themed feature is presented here to celebrate this year’s China Tourism Day. You will know its history, theme and role, and in particular have access to panoramic digital records of the post-pandemic Wuhan city and Hubei Province, which would inspire and motivate each and every visitor with incredible looks of their economic, cultural and social bounce-back and march-forward from the once ghost places during covid-19 outbreak. Now glowing with vigour and vitality, Wuhan Hubei has again become a favourable destination for tourists with its heroic fight and success on getting atop of the pandemic.

History of China Tourism Day


China’s first recorded travel expert, Xiake Xu, also a renowned geographer and productive man of letters, set out his 30-years of travel around China in 1637. He started writing his travelog Travel Note of Xu Xiake on May 19th1637, which later became the first most inclusive and informative China travel guide. This masterpiece illustrates the pristine natural beauties and amazing cultural wonders of all the 16 Chinese provinces he had covered. Most places had been hidden gems unknown to his countrymen until unveiled by this book.

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The theme of the Year 2021: Green Development for Quality Life Shared by All

This year’s theme of the China Tourism Day is Green Development for Quality Life Shared by All. Focuses are on the harmonious development of mankind and the earth, highlighting the importance of eco-friendly and sustainable development of the travel industry for public welfare and quality life in the long term. Attentions are also drawn to the rural and regional areas, which have been receiving paramount attention and efforts in their tourism development, which start creating low-carbon and sustainable ways to lift their residents out of poverty and narrow the gaps between urban and rural areas.

Main Venue of the China Tourism Day 2021: Wuhan, Hubei Province

Once the epicentre of the Covid-19 pandemic, now the city of Wuhan has undoubtedly struggled out of its misery and quickly bounced back to a city full of vigour and vitality.

May is among the best months of the year to visit China. Wuhan and the rest of Hubei Province have many to offer even to amaze even the pickiest travellers.

In China, a folk saying goes that a place with water around has a soul. Wuhan lives this to its full extent as it stretches itself along China’s biggest river Yangtze River and its tributaries.  The waters have been nourishing Wuhan and its people, giving birth to mouth-watering river food, and unique cultural and natural scenes.


Intangible Culture along the Yellow River

Route Route: Tibetan Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area(Yushu, Qinghai); Gesar CultureEcological Protection Experimental Area(Guoluo, Qinghai) ; Regong Culture Ecological Protection Area(Huangnan, Qinghai)

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